The present pendant, the group of people in a circle with Christ in the center, was first used in Circle 3.
  • Each Search-In community carries the same basic design for the pendant - a group of people in a circle with Christ in the center - but each community has a distinct difference. Some are square shaped, some are circular, and one is even triangular. Some are large and some are small. Some have different symbols for Christ, some us Xt, some use J for Jesus, some use a cross, and some use a P with an X across it.
Joining Search-In cost only around forty pesos during circles 1 & 2.
Search-In weekend retreats used to end by noon time with the Closing Mass beginning at 11:00AM on Sundays. This changed in the late 1980's to give more time for sleep and also since it was easier to get a priest to Celebrate Mass at 3PM on Sundays.
 The original theme song of the Search-In is 'Beautiful City'. The present recognized theme song, 'Ikaw, Ako, Tayo (Magkakapatid), took over after it became the theme song of Circle 7.
 The smallest circle is Circle 13 with only 7 members. Originally 20 retreatants, 13 of them backed out on the day itself.
The largest circle is Circle 17 with 25 members. We learned our lesson after that, too many people - no sleep.
 The most number of Search-In retreats held in a school year was during the schoolyear 1983-84. Eight (8) circles were held during that year - Circles 26-33.
 The most number of Search-Inners to visit the opening ceremonies was during Circle 50 wherein more than 250 people attended the welcoming. The song Beautiful City had to be repeated 3 and a half times.
 The most number of Search-Inners to attend the Closing Mass was either during Circle 75 or Circle 100. Estimates were over 200 although some believe Circle 75 reached over 300 people present.
 Circle 44 was faced with a water shortage. There was no water available from the beginning of the retreat until about 3AM Sunday morning. The resourceful Search-Inners at that time provided water by finding a fire truck and had it parked next to the retreat house until regular water was restored.
 The Annual Search-In Sportsfest began in 1983 after a group thought of the idea and organized it within 6 days. Unfortunately, its last regular season was in the Summer of 1995. A lack of organizers in the following years caused its end. It was successfully revived one more time during the summer after Circle 100 to Celebrate 100 Circles and 20 years of Search-In.
 During its peak years, the Annual Search-In Summer Sportsfest had an average of over 300 participants divided into 4 teams - Yellow, Blue, Red and Green.
 The most number of people to attend the Search-In's Summer Exodus to the Beach was 68. (Some claim it was 78). This was during the summer of 1986 wherein the beach trip lasted for 5 days and 4 nights at Marco Matute's house at Tali Beach, Batangas.
 The great Luzon earthquake of 1990 saw nearly 200 search-inners working 24 hours round the clock for one week running the Earthquake Relief Operations held at the gate of La Salle Greenhills. Assisted by some of the La Salle Brothers, and some other friends, we were able to raise P 678,000 pesos in cash and over 6 large truckloads of donations for the victims. This operation consisted in 3 actual trips to some heavily affected areas in Region 1 to deliver donations.
 The Search-In was asked to man the telephones for the Operation Helping Hand Telethon by GMA 7 for the benefit of the 1990 Earthquake victims. We were honored by the offer because we were cited by GMA 7 as one of the most organized relief operations during that crisis. The event was televised over GMA 7.
 Gary Valenciano is the singer most frequently listened to during Search-In retreats. Several of his songs are used during different activities. He is also the singer of the most number of Circle theme songs. Gary also happens to be the Godfather of Circle 10.