The Paschal Candle  (faith)
   The flame of the Paschal Candle represents Christ as the Light of the World. Each follower of Jesus is challenged to carry this light to illuminate the darkness of the world. This light speaks to us of faith. Faith in Christ who eternally loves us. We can trust in His Love which never fails us. Even if we repeatedly turn away and kill our light, He is there to welcome our return and allows us to light again our candles from His flame.  
   The Armless Christ  (service)
   We once sat before a figure of Christ without arms. We then passed around arms and prayed while holding them, pledging ourselves to be Christ’s arms in this world. For truly, Christ works through people He showers His Love and compassion through people who allow themselves to be vessels of compassion. The armless Christ speaks to us of Service. When we look at this together with the Paschal Candle of the Service of the Light we realize that we must be God’s light and arms to reach out to the people around us.
   The Pendant  (community)
   The symbol of the Pendant shows a group of people in a circle, arms linked together, with Christ at the center. We are most familiar with this because we all wear it at some point in our lives. We receive this pendant to symbolize that we have said our ‘Yes.’ Though the pendant may be ours, it really belongs to the Search-In family because we are a part of that family. We know that we are never alone, that anything we do affects others. We are linked to one another influencing them by our actions and inactions. The pendant speaks of this community, this interdependence. The difference though is that we recognize Christ as the source and center of this community. We are not bonded together just as a group of friends, or as members of an organization, but as members of a family with Christ at the center. Because of this we must always consider that our actions are not only for ourselves but also for the community we live in.