Father, I'm a person filled with life.
Don't let me feel guilty about living it fully.
It is my life.
You've given it to me.
Help me in my struggle to live maturely day by day.

Give me the strength to work out my doubts and fears.
Give me the courage to admit
that I don't have all the answers.

I have not arrived.
I'm still on the way,
in the process.
Let me thrill to life
as I discover myself
more and more each day.

Help me become a giving person,
a sharing person,
a person so in love with myself
that I can love others too.

Remind me now and then, Father,
that I'm not alone.
Let me never forget that Your Son too,
said "yes" to life and death,
to pain and joy.

Give me your Spirit
to help me see Your Son
in everything,
in everyone.

Father, I have a lot to live,
and You have a lot to give.
For this I thank You,
on this special day,
and all through my life.



"Dear Friends,
Since God loves us so much,
we surely ought to love each other too.
For though we have never yet seen God,
when we love each other
God lives in us and His Love within us
grows ever stronger."

- 1 John 4