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  • Formation Seminar (May 19-21, 2006)
    The annual Search-In Formation Seminar is already scheduled for the weekend of May 19-21, 2006. We are thus inviting all juniors (incoming seniors), who would like to be active running and facilitating the Search-In for the next school year , to join this activity. Through this fun-filled and meaningful 3 days, we will help train and develop you to take care of the Search-in and run its retreat. For those that are interested, please email
    We will also be needing a lot of help from alumni to run this program, if interested, please send a message to the same email address above.

  • Circle 134 (March 16-18, 2006)
    The last circle for the school year brought awe to a lot of us as an enormous outpouring of support from the high school search-inners was evident throughout the retreat."We haven't seen this many search-inners helping out for a retreat for years" was the remark of some the alumni. Not only was the large number of them that was impressive, but also the quality and dedication of their service. Together with a very participative batch of retreatants, this retreat has truly become one worth remembering.
    This retreat was also particularly significant as it marked the start of the A-team getting into action. About two decades ago, search-in had an A-team (alumni team) of people dedicated to helping every search-in retreat be as meaningful and efficient as possible. Louie Reyes, of Circle 52, our moderator for the past 3 years, has recently revived this team of alumni to lend support to our high school brothers and it has definitely paid off! We look forward to more people keeping this spirit alive! The 16 members of Circle 134 chose "We Will Find Way" by Brenda Russell and Oleta Adams as their theme song.
  • Circle 133 (January 13-15, 2006)
    This batch almost didn't push through with so many participants suddenly backing out right before the retreat. Still, with 12 retreatants, Circle 133 pushed through and turned out to be another excellent experience for all involved. Fantasia Barrino's 'I Believe' was this circle's theme song.
  • Christmas Party- (December 16, 2005)
    Once again the Search-In family gathered together for an evening for fraternal fellowship in the celebration of the Christmas season. Jayjay Malixi once again generously hosted the event at his Valle Verde mansion which has undoubtedly become Search-In's official party place.
  • Circle 132 (November 18-20, 2005)
    So many activities happened on this same weekend. Many retreatants backed out leaving us with only 12. Many of the Core Group and seniors were unable to serve full time. A question was asked a day before the retreat - if it was wise to have pushed through. From one perspective, the answer would have been 'no' as it meant operating with a deficit, and working with limited support. But from another perspective, sometimes we are led by the Spirit to take a leap. It truly seems this decision to push through was led by the Spirit. The overwhelming number of juniors who dilligently served as staff, the dedication of the seniors, the support of alumni, and the wholehearted participation of the retreatants resulted in a very inspiring batch.
  • Circle 131 (September 23-25, 2005)
    19 juniors took part in the 2nd Circle for the school year. As God has always been faithful, He has once again blessed us with great success and inspiration. Very notable in this retreat was the return of Querry Kho of Circle 6. Querry is legendary in facilitating the Search-In activities and he hasn't lost his touch after all these years leading many of the present staff to be inspired through working side by side with him. Nonong Noriega of Circle 6 also stirred emotions to great heights by surprising everyone with awesome approaches to some of our most precious moments in the retreat. Circle 131 selected "Pangako Ng Bukas" which was sung by Circle 22's Wency Cornejo.
  •  Circle 130- (July 29-31, 2005)
    On the weekend of the 27th Anniversary of the Search-In, the success of the first Circle of the school year punctuated the fact that the Spirit continues to burn brightly! The admirable work of the seniors and core group in running the retreat together with alumni team signals a bright future for this family of ours. The 16 juniors of Circle 130 chose "Seasons of Love" as their theme song. Yes... 27 seasons of love have passed and still continue on! Glory be!
  • Summer Get-Together (April 15, 2005)

    Our younger search-in brothers organized a very successful summer get-together which brought a good number of high school and alumni search-inners together for a very long evening of fun and fellowship. Many thanks to Howie de Ocampo of Circle 126 for hosting this very refreshing gathering.
  •  Formation Seminar 2005 - The Harvest is Plentiful! (April 22-24, 2005)
    18 In-coming Seniors took part in the Search-In Formation Seminar for the year 2005. This is one of the largest number of participants ever. From this group we formed the new Core Group. Due to the large number of people willing to commit to take care of Search-in among this group, a new committe was formed - the Community Council. While the Core Group took is tasked with taking charge of the Search-In retreats, the Community Council will take care of everything outside the retreat - follow up activities, fund raisings, reach out projects, etc. We pray that this new development take the Search-In community a step further and bring 'spirit' outside the retreat, as it had been in the earlier decades.
  •  Circle 129 - A taste of the year ahead? (March 17-19, 2005)

    The last batch of the school year, had only 13 members, yet the immense number of juniors that were present to help was astounding. The dedication and involvement of such numbers of juniors amazed us and made us wonder if this was a taste of the school year to come. This last batch turned quite emotional seeing the well loved core-group and active seniors bid their farewell to the community as they move on to college. Kathy Troccoli's "Stubborn Love" was chosen as the circle theme song.
  • Circle 128! At Last!- (February 18-20, 2005)
    After five long months without a retreat we Circle 128 finally pushed through. Due to a number of oversights by the core-group, we ran out of schedules for the retreat house and we had to cancel the only available schedule we had in December 2004. Yet, Search-In rebounded with a bang! 22 juniors formed this 3rd batch of the year. "Because of Your Love" by Nyoy Volante was chosen as their theme song.
  • Search-In Christmas Party (December 17, 2004)

    Once again, the Search-In community gathered as family to celebrate the Christmas Season in a spirit of brotherhood and camaraderie. Over 70 of our brothers ranging from single-digit circles to the most recent search-inners enjoyed each others company till the wee hours of the morning. Many thanks once again to Jayjay Malixi of circle 19, who has consistedly hosted our annual Christmas celebrations at his welcoming abode.
  • Search-In helps start Relief Operations Center- (December 2004)
    In response to the devastating typhoon that brought about mass flooding and destruction to several provinces in Luzon, the Search-In coordinated with the CSD office of La Salle Green Hills to start and organize a relief operations center to help collect and deliver goods for the flood victims. The operation grew over the next days as more La Sallian organizations joined in the effort. Teams of volunteers actually went to Gabaldon, Nueva Ecija and Dingalan, Aurora to deliver donations to our afflicted brothers and sisters.
  • Circle 127 - Ain't no mountain high enough! (September 24-26, 2004)

    In contrast to the first circle, the second batch had to struggle with a lot of organizational and support problems. A lack of full-time support, and a number of setbacks in terms of organization kept the moderator and staff working extra hard to keep things going. Against whatever odds faced behind the scenes, the retreat was still smooth sailing for the retreatants who were blessed with this 26 year old legacy called the Search-In!. 17 retreatants formed our 127th Circle. Their theme song is "Through the Rain" by Mariah Carey.
  •  A promising start! Circle 126- (July 16-18, 2004)
    If the first batch of the year is a foretaste of the year ahead, then things are definitely looking up! The amount of support from both seniors and alumni was very encouraging. The Center Persons for this retreat amazed all of us with their organized efficiency being on time almost throughout the retreat. Definitely something that has not happened for a long long time. Circle 26 consisted of 13 retreatants. Their theme song is "You Raise Me Up" by Josh Groban.
  •  Formation Seminar - One for the books! (June 11-12, 2004)

    This year's Formation Seminar was uniquely memorable due to the unusual problems we encountered and how we solved them.The training seminar, which was supposed to last the whole weekend, was
    supposed to start at 1PM, Friday at LSGH. Upon reaching the retreat house, we found out that LSGH was going to be closed during the weekend due to fumigation of the entire campus. We also found out that the retreat house, though reserved for the Search-In, was not officially reserved as the reservation forms were never submitted. To make the long story short, we were all at the Retreat House, ready for a weekend seminar, only to find out we couldn't hold it there.Never having faced such a problem before, we had to be resourceful. So, we suddenly moved the Search-In Formation Seminar to the DPI Photography Center at Astoria Plaza Hotel. The DPI Photography Center is a huge area with large photography studios run and owned by search-inners. Luckily, the studios were available and they were large enough to serve as both activities rooms and sleeping area. So, there we were improvising and making the best of the location. We all felt like we were camping. Yet, with all the limitations we encountered,
    we survived and still produced a great Formation Seminar. The result: a formidable Core Group to keep Search-In alive and well for the school year ahead.
  • Circle 125 (March 25-27, 2004)
    20 juniors made up Circle 125 and an encouraging overflow of people served as staff. The retreat turned out really well with the retreatants participating full blast. In all Search-In history, this was the batch that got the least amount of sleep throughout the weekend as both nights went into severe overtime as the retreatants really involved themselves deeply into the activities. The whole batch was also quite moving with the recently graduated seniors giving their whole hearted best running the search-in for the last time. The Search-In Spirit was burning bright that weekend! The theme song chosen was Richard Merck's version of 'I Offer My Life."
  • Circle 124, Against the odds! (January 23-25. 2004)
    Only eleven juniors made it to the fourth circle of the schoolyear. With other students ending up busy with other activities and events, the Search-in still made a successful run with the few dedicated retreatants and staff on hand. With many retreatants and staff backing out at the last minute, the group decided to push through and managed to produce a really meaningful circle. The moving song,"If I Could", by Carl Anderson, was this circle's theme song.
  • Christmas Party (Dec 19, 2003)
    Search-In celebrated the Yuletide season with its annual Christmas party last December 19. Search-inners, young and old, filled Jayjay Malixi's home and garden until the wee hours of the morning. With a mini-sound stage set-up, we had some of our young brothers jamming throughout the night lending their musical talents to our festivities.
  • Circle 123, Another Band of Brothers! (November 28-30,2003)
    The third circle of the schoolyear bonded together 16 young juniors for another memorable search-in experience. Circle 123 saw a lot of long-time-no-see Search-inners coming over to visit or help.This circle's theme song is "Pag-Gising" sung by fellow Search-Inner Wency Cornejo of Circle 22.
  •  A dynamic Circle 122 (September 26-28, 2003)
    Circle 122 was marked by a dynamism throughout the activities due to the 20 enthusiastic juniors that comprised it. The impressive wholehearted involvement of the retreatants made this batch quite inspiring for everyone. The 70's classic, 'Everything I Own' by Bread, was chosen as the theme song. With such vibrant and varied personalities coming from this circle, we are looking forward to an interesting future ahead!
  •  Search-In 25th Anniversary & Grand Reunion (July 26, 2003)
    Search-In's 25th Anniversary was a smashing success! Around 250 Search-Inners filled the St. Benilde hall to celebrate Search-In's Silver Anniversary (a great number inspite of the coup d'etat that started on the same evening). This Grand Reunion saw Search-Inners from Circles 1 to 121 join in fellowship together over an overflowing buffet and bottomless drinks till mid-morning. The whole event began with a meaningful Thanksgiving Mass at 6:30PM. Three large lechons, donated by some generous alumni, made the buffet extra special. A well organized program kept entertainment alive the whole evening. Search-In celebrities delighted everyone with their presence and their performances. The program began with Wency Cornejo 22 accompanied by Raymond Golamco 76 doing a medley of Search-In songs that were originally performed by Wency and After Image. Hosts for the evening were Anthony Pangilinan 12, David Celdran 25, DJ Mitch Amurao 37, and RJ Ledesma 58. Brother Bernie Oca, LSGH President and former Search-In Adviser, shared a short message with the group. Brother Dodo Fernandez of Circle 4 explained and launched the Search-In Foundation. One of the highlights of the evening was the presence of the Search-In's founder - former Brother Emilio 'Boy' Villarosa. "Brother" Boy was given a surprise award of appreciation for starting it all. Louie Aguinaldo of Circle 8 was also given a surprise award for his years of service to the Search-In. Search-Inners who have passed on were remembered with a slide show as JM Rodriguez, of Search-In Bacolod, rendered a heartfelt song in tribute to them. Dingdong Avanzado of Circle 32 followed with a couple of touching songs. Gary Valenciano of circle 10 then capped the night's performances with five songs including one long energetic medley. Probably the most moving part of the evening was the short prayer-activity that Nonong Noriega, of circle 6,conducted which meaningfully united everyone present. Everyone gathered together in one huge ball of people and celebrated the moment and promised for the future while bonding together in prayer and in heartfelt song! Many watery eyes were seen as the Search-In Spirit was strongly re-lived at this moment. (Check out the photos of this ball of people in the gallery). The evening continued with the raffling off of several prizes donated by sponsors. The whole event lasted way past midnight as a few tables of alumni continued to reminisce the good old days. You may check out the photos of the event at the gallery.
  •  Circle 121 (July 18-20, 2003)
    The first batch of the school year, Circle 121, was successfully held a week before Search-In's 25th Anniversary. 16 Juniors comprised this circle. Michael Jackson's 'Someone In The Dark' was selected as their theme song. This batch also marked the beginning of a year of great promise with some Search-In alumni pledging to take responsibility of the Search-In for the school year. Louie Reyes of Circle 52 has committed to serve the Search-In for the year functioning as its moderator. Packy Santos also of Circle 52 likewise pledged his committment for the year. Tremendous support also continues with the likes of George Caluag of circle 41 who also served as full time.
  •  Search-In Formation Seminar(May 19-21, 2003)
    The Formation Seminar is our annual training seminar for incoming seniors who wish to serve as facilitators for the Search-In in the coming school year. This year's very successful training prepared eight incoming seniors to serve as Core Group for the Search-In this year. We were blessed to have the active involvement of over 20 search-in alumni in this seminar.
  • Circle 120 ends the schoolyear (March 24-26, 2003)
    The last batch of the school year was successfully held last March 24-26, 2003. Seventeen juniors took part in this batch. Being held during weekdays, the high school Search-Inners had less assistance from their unavailable alumni brothers but they held the fort well. The song "Kaya Ko" from the musical Rama at Sita (sung by Franco Laurel) was chosen as the Circle theme song.
  • Search-In brings Gary V to LSGH (January 31, 2003)
    Gary Valenciano brought LSGH to their feet during the Search-In produced concert held at the St. Benilde Gym last January 31. The concert was co-produced with the parents of the LSGH Small Basketeers of the Philippines team. The proceeds of the concert was for the benefit of the Adult Night High School. Gary V is the Godfather of Circle 10.
  •  Another great batch - Circle 119 (November 29 - December 1,2002)
    The third batch of this schoolyear was another inspiring success. The junior search-inners made their presence truly felt with a large number of them serving as staff. The able and efficient work of the CPs and the core group kept the retreat on track. Special thanks to Rony Romero of Circle 86 for his dedication being full time, assuring the kids of adult alumni supervision throughout the weekend (he has been doing this for several batches now). Congrats also to Circle 19 for celebrating 100 circles since their batch - it was good to see Mart Rosadia, Potpot Crisostomo, and Jayjay Malixi at the batch.
    The 17 juniors comprising Circle 119 chose as their theme song "Friends" by Dessa and Ima Castro.
  • Circle 118 - A batch well done! (September 27-29, 2002)
    This second batch for the retreat ran smoothly thanks to the well organized CPs and staff. A good number of seniors and juniors were around to make this retreat a meaningful one. Eighteen juniors made up Circle 118. "Warrior Is A Child", sung by Gary Valenciano of Circle 10, was chosen as their theme song. Many thanks again to the dedicated alumni who also served well! The euphoric end of the retreat was further punctuated with the victory of DLSU over Ateneo at the UAAP. A throng of search-inners remained at the retreat house after the closing to enjoy this sweet moment for our Alma Mater!
  • Search-In Turns 24 (July 28,2002)
    24 years ago, on July 28-30, 1978, the Search-In of La Salle Green Hills came into existence with the birth of Circle 1. We commemorated and gave thanks for 24 years of God's blessing through the Search-In with a thanksgiving Mass which coincided with the Closing Mass of Circle 117. We are hoping to have a grand reunion next year when we reach 25 years old.
  • Search-In Reaches Truly Meets A New Generation - First Father and Son Search-Inners
    Circle 117 was witness to Search-In actually meeting a new generation as it welcomed the first Search-Inner whose father is also a Search-Inner. Kit Favis of circle 117 is the son of Binky Favis of circle 43. Truly a milestone in the history of our beloved Search-In Family.
  • Circle 117 - An inspiring first batch! (July 26-28,2002)
    19 juniors took part in the first batch of the school year - Circle 117. Both high school and alumni staff who served during the retreat were one in proclaiming that the batch was an inspiring success. Adding to the intense euphoria of this remarkable batch was an awe inspiring session by Nonong Noriega of circle 6 which moved everyone to spirited ovations! Another inspiring aspect was the return of George Caluag of circle 41 who, after 15 long years, served as full-time staff providing tremendous support to the high school staff. The theme song of circle 117 is "Win" by Brian McKnight.
  • Formation Seminar held (June 7-9, 2002)
    The need to train facilitators and form a capable core-group is essential specially since we have not had a hands-on moderator closely supervising the preparations and running of the Search-In retreats since last year. We hope we have achieved this with a successful Formation Seminar held last June 7-9, 2002. Eleven high school seniors have emerged to form this years Core-Group. May we all support them through our prayers.
  • Search-In Summer Beach Trip Revived at last!!! (April 26-28, 2002)
    After two years of seeming deprivation, Search-In once again trekked to the beach last April 26-28. Through the courtesy of Mark Vergel de Dios of circle 97, we once again enjoyed the Potenciano beach house at Natipuan, Nasugbu, Batangas. As always it was a refreshing three days enhanced by the joy of God's glorious creation and the wonderful camaraderie among fellow Search-In brothers. Francis Angeles of circle 109 added delight by fillling our stomachs with good food. Looking forward to next year's beach trip!!!
  • Circle 116 - A Major Triumph! (March 19-21, 2002)
    19 juniors made it to the last batch for the schoolyear, Circle 116, held last March 19-21. As always, the retreat went well but what made this batch special was that it was made possible with very minimal adult & alumni assistance. Facing a huge debt problem, the seniors and juniors solved the bulk of search-in's financial setbacks by successfully taking on the difficult task of donating, preparing and cooking the meals for the retreat. This saved them so much money that would have been spent on the usual caterer. The retreat was also held on weekdays making it difficult for alumni to help out since it was right smack of college classes and work schedules. The determination, inititiative, and dedication of our younger brothers made this work and kept the flame of Search-In burning!
  • Christmas Party (Dec 21, 2001)
    Another fun-filled Christmas Reunion was held at JayJay Malixi's house last December 21, 2001. It was good to see a good mix of Search-Inners from all years enjoying each other's company till the wee hours of the morning.
  • Christmas Renewal Cancelled
    After many years, a Renewal was organized for the high school Search-In Community. The initial response was very encouraging, 49 people signed up plus a few more had indicated that they would attend this special activity set for Dec. 19-20. Unfortunately, only 6 people showed up forcing us to cancel. Of course, this left us with a major debt.
  • Search-In E-mail Groups Launched
    The Search-In has begun its own e-mail group. Keep in touch with other search-inners through our e-mail group. Thanks to Noni Odulio of circle 87 for setting it up! For more details click go to the 'GET IN TOUCH' page by clicking here.
  • Circle 115 well done! (November 23-25, 2001)
    Only 11 retreatants showed up for the 3rd batch of the schoolyear. Though the sudden drop in the number of retreatants left us with a big deficit, the Search-In was a great success where it really mattered. The high school staff ran the retreat excellently with highly spirited seniors and juniors leading the way. There were also a good number of alumni to lend assistance throughout. The theme song of the circle is "This Is The Moment" sung by Anthony Warlow.
  •  Circle 114, a successful 2nd batch (August 31-September 2, 2001)
    16 juniors comprised the second circle for the year. The retreat was again run very well by the staff of mostly seniors and juniors. The theme song chosen by the batch was
  •  23 Years of Search-In Commemorated (July 28, 2001)
    A small group of Search-Inners gathered together to commemorate and give thanks for 23 years of the gift we call the 'Search-In'. Held last July 28, at the National Shrine of the Divine Child at La Salle Green Hills, 35 alumni and high school students offered a special mass for this occasion. Following this, we celebrated throughout the night at Quattro Bar & Grill where a few other alumni followed. Hoping to see more grateful people in the years to come.
  •  A brilliant beginning with Circle 113 (July 13-15, 2001)
    20 juniors made up the first batch of the new school year. The retreat was run very well by the seniors, hopefully signalling an end to last year's commitment-drought. With a healthy number of applications for retreatants and staff, plus a succesful first batch, we hope for a vibrant Search-In. Theme song of circle 113 is 'Go The Distance' by Michael Bolton.
  • Formation Seminar held (March 21-23, 2001)
    Good intentions are not enough to come up with a good Search-In. Of course, know-how and preparedness have much to do with it. In preparation for the next school year, we conducted a Formation Seminar to train and prepare people who want to serve as facilitators. From this group were selected responsible people to serve as Core Group for the year. Run by our alumni brothers, everyone is optimistic that the Search-In has a good group of incoming seniors to take care of it.
  • School year ends with Circle 112 - a triumph for the Juniors (March 15-17, 2001)
    The last batch of this year was quite unusual. Usually the last batch would be flooded with graduating seniors, but seniors were scarce and the retreat was run mainly by the reliable juniors. Theme song of the circle is 'Mr. Love' by Gladys Knight.
  • Circle 111 against all odds (February 9-11, 2001)
    Originally 20 participants, only 10 showed up for the retreat. Staff was undermanned with only 3 actual full-time staff: 2 senior center persons and 1 junior. As always, God pulled this one through with flying colors. With strong support from a dependable group of juniors serving part-time, plus a small competent team of alumni providing guidance, the retreat emerged a certified success! Theme song is Lea Salonga's "The Journey."
  •  X'mas Party 2000 - a night of fun (December 22, 2000)
    The Search-In Christmas party was a night of fun and friends. It was a pleasant reunion of our brothers from as early as circle 6 to the youngest ones from circle 110. Delicious catered food and drinks added to the pleasure of the evening as well as the riotous 200-song name that tune that kept people screaming and jumping. Thanks again to JJ Malixi of circle 19 for hosting our Xmas bash once again.
  •  Circle 110 a batch full of hope (December 19-21, 2000)
    The second batch of the year was held on weekdays, Tuesday to Thursday, during the schools' X'mas break. This batch of 17 retreatants signified a shining hope for the Search-In family. Aside from their marvelous participation, what was exceptionally encouraging was the full support of the juniors from circle 109. A rarity, the entire Circle 109 served as staff, making up for the lack of staff from the seniors.Hope is alive indeed.
    Circle 110 chose as their theme song "People Need The Lord" by Gary Valenciano of circle 10.
  •  Circle 109 finally held (November 18-20, 2000)
    After 3 postponements, the first batch for this schoolyear was finally held. Circle 109 had only 11 members yet was a remarkable success considering the difficulties encountered in its preparations. The theme song of the batch is "Itutuloy" by the Company.
  • Summer activities fizzle out ( April - May, 2000 )
    The summer turned out to be somewhat disappointing for our community activities. The attempted revival of the traditional Summer Sportsfest didn't turn out well and the summer beach trip got rained out. A group of our high school brothers set out to revive the great summer sportsfests we used to have in the past. They did a really admirable job organizing and doing everything they could to get things going. Unfortunately, partly due to lack of updated directories, there were too few people that showed up to get the sportsfest going. Nevertheless, we wish to applaud the efforts of Tom Veloso of circle 103 and Thads Carvajal of circle 102 for their great effort in spearheading the project.
    Summer ended unexpectedly early with heavy downpours of rain beginning early May. This thwarted our planned exodus to Batangas for a 3 day beach trip. Well, there's always next week.
  • Search-In ends the schoolyear with Circle 108 ( March 16-18, 2000 )
    Fourteen juniors comprised Circle 108, the last batch for the schoolyear. The weekend was memorable as it also marked the last batch together with the graduating seniors. A sentimental farewell ceremony followed right after the closing ceremony where the rest of the community gave thanks to our beloved seniors. The theme song of Circle 108 is Kaibigan by Basil Valdez.
  •  Fund-Raising Concert Sold Out!!! (January 29, 2000)
    The vigorous Search-In community in good old LSGH high school produced a fund raising concert featuring the popular band FREESTYLE with guest band BARBIE'S CRADLE. Entitled "On D' Spot", the concert was held on January 29, at the recently airconditioned St. Benilde's Gym at La Salle Green Hills. The show was a tremendous success with all tickets sold out.
    The night was full of fun and energy with a packed gym screaming and dancing with delight. The evening excitement began immediately with R&B band SOULFOOD performing as front act. BARBIE'S CRADLE continued to energy with their appealing numbers. The night was brought to a climax by an hour and a half dance frenzy brought about by the amazing FREESTYLE.
    Proceeds of the concert are earmarked for the benefit of the Adult Night High School, the Kuya Drop-In Center ( a shelter for street children), and the St. Brother Miguel Academy ( a Sunday cathechetics program for public school children ).
    Check out some of the concert photos at the Gallery

  •  Search-In Starts off the 21st Century with Circle 107 (January 21-23,2000)
    Our first activity for the year 2000 was the 107th Circle of Search-In LSGH. For some strange reason, the original 20 fulltime staff dropped to 3 by the start of the retreat. With the two center persons Paolo Navarro (102) and Boy Lagasca (103), plus the lone junior Edrix Crisologo (106) holding the fort, alumni and other high schoolers pulled together to keep the retreat running. Though the staff was severely undermanned, the retreat turned out to be a usual success.Circle 107 was also the first batch held with JR Estrellado of Circle 28 serving as moderator.
  •  Search-In has a new moderator (January, 2000)
    We welcome our brother JR Estrellado of circle 28 who assumed the role of Search-In moderator upon the beginning of the new year. JR has been serving at La Salle Green Hills for several years, previously as part of the P.E. department and as a guidance counsellor at present. He is taking over the role of our former moderator, Mr. Jess Nemenzo, who has been reassigned to La Salle Bacolod at the end of 1999. JR will be working together with Search-In Adviser Brother Dodo Fernandez of circle 4 and with Alumni Retreat Coordinator Carlo Carrascoso of circle 68.
  •  Successful Christmas Party ! (December 20,1999)
    The Search-In family held its annual Christmas party last December 20, 1999 at the residence of Jayjay malixi of circle 19. This get-together was excellently organized by our high school brothers. the affair was catered and was a lot of fun. A riotous game of name-that-tune kept everyone screaming for over an hour. Over 70 of our brothers were present ranging from circle 4 to 106. Check out some of the Christmas party photos at the Gallery.
  •   Circle 106 a resounding success! ( November 19 - 21 )
    20 new juniors became part of our Search-In family during circle 106 last November 19 -21, 1999. The batch was marked by an exceptional high school staff that miraculously managed to stay on schedule and run the retreat effectively. The Alumni present hardly ran out of praises for the staff and the center persons. A special blessing came through the "Yes" summary service held by Nonong Noriega of circle 6, who hit hearts with a meaningful session that moved everyone, including staff and alumni, to an inspired ovation. Circle 106 selected "Move In Me" as their theme song. "Move In Me" was recorded by Dingdong Avanzado, Godfather of Circle 32.
  •  One of our brothers passes away ( October 24)
    Mario Emile "Chingky" Chingcuangco, M.D., of circle 19, was called home by our Lord during an early Sunday morning in October. He succumbed to complications arising from the cancer he had been previously afflicted with. The Search-In family sponsored a special mass for him at La Salle Green Hills National Shrine of the Divine Child on October 26, 1999. Surely, those who were blessed to know "Chingky" will really miss such a wonderful person. You may want to share memories of Chingky by visiting his memorial website at
  •  Circle 105 recently concluded! ( September 10-12 )
    Twenty juniors took part in the 2nd batch for the schoolyear as Circle 105 was held during the 2nd week of September. The theme song selected was "Para Lang Sa 'Yo" by Dindo Almeda.
  •  Circle 104 successfully held! ( July-August )
    The first batch for the schoolyear 1999-2000 was recently held at the retreat house of La Salle Greenhills. Twenty juniors, from a total of 120 applicants, underwent the retreat which lasted from July 30 - August 1, 1999. Circle 104 chose "Lessons To Be Learned" by Barbra Streisand as their theme song.
  • Search-In Welcomes New Moderator (July)
    Due to his hectic schedule as Assistant Principal for the high school, Brother Dodo Fernandez, FSC, of Circle 4 has appointed Mr. Jess Nemenzo as the new moderator of the Search-In at LSGH. Mr. Nemenzo is a member of the high school faculty and is part of the campus ministry office.
    The eager involvement of Mr. Nemenzo has been greatly appreciated as he provides valuable day to day support for the Search-In within the school community. He was presently surprised as he was given a pendant by the Search-In family during Circle 104.
    Brother Dodo is still involved with the Search-In as its Brother Adviser. Carlo Carrascoso of Circle 68 also continues to serve as the Alumni Supervisor for the retreat.
  •  21 Years of Search-In Commemorated ( July-August )
    Former La Salle Brother, Emilio "Boy" Villarosa, founder of the Search-In, held the first batch of Search-In 21 years ago. Circle 1 was conducted during the weekend of July 28-30, 1978. A Thanksgiving Mass to Commemorate our 21st Anniversary was held during the Closing Ceremonies of Circle 104 last August 1, 1999 at the National Shrine of the Divine Child at La Salle Green Hills. Search-inners from as early as Circle 4 were present.
  •  Formation Seminar Held ( July )
    To better prepare the senior high school students to run the Search-in retreats, a Formation Seminar was held last July. This training seminar helps interested Search-Inners learn more about the Search-In program, it's ideals and objectives, and also introduces them to basic skills needed to facilitate the retreat activities. The succesful seminar was participated in by 13 seniors and run by a team of dedicated alumni brethren.
  • Community Beach Trip Revived ( May )
    After an absence of community outings for a few years, the Search-In family undertook once again another traditional trek to the beach for fun, relaxation and camaraderie. Organized by Jay Jay Malixi of Circle 19, the three day leisure trip was held last May at the house of cousins Chichoy Reyes of circle 21, V.J. Vergel de Dios of circle 74, and Mark Vergel de Dios of circle 97. Search-inners present were from as early as circle 7 and as new as circle 101. Can't wait till next year's beach trip.

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