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sung by: Dionne Warwick

Didn't you ever want to climb the highest mountain you could find
Didn't you ever want to do it all (2x)

Long ago I heard a voice telling me I had no choice
"Take a chance 'coz even if you fall
At least you know you tried to do it all"

Some changes are for good
And this I know for sure
Some things in life are meant to be
Some changes set you free
And free means I can fly
And sometimes say goodbye
I wouldn't hold on if I could
Some changes are for good

Didn't you ever want to feel just the part of life that's real
After all we're dealing with the truth here
Isn't it the truth we're going for

And if somewhere along the line
Your dreams are lying close to mine
Maybe you and I could have it all (2x)

(repeat refrain 2x)

Some changes are for good



sung by: Paul Williams

Takes away the romance out of falling stars
Fills the wishing wells and fills the bars
Run and hide the scars of loneliness

Makes the winter's night seem twice as long
Makes the summer sunlight much too strong
Nothin's really wrong
It's only loneliness

So stay awhile
We both have stories that are hungry to be told
Your eyes are warm but I can feel your hands are cold
Still they're nice to hold
It only takes a simple yes
The time we spend leaves that much less for

Like a love song or an old cliche
Has its hideouts but it's never far away
Look around you've found
It's only loneliness

So stay a while
We've worn the night away and now it's almost done
If you could stay a bit of breakfast might be fun
It's too much work for one
And though it's just a simple guess
We're stronger now we've made the best of

Waits in silence while the shadows grow
Waits and wonders if it's finally time to go
The yes in our hello said no to



sung by: Vernie Varga

Time, it seems to pass me by
And I'm still not where I want to be
Life, I heave a lonely sigh
Ain't exactly the world A to Z
I'm really too young they say
And I'm too blind to know what I see

All I know, all I want, all I have all I need is in me
I'll have my chance to be free

'Coz time can still be my friend I know
And life can be more than long enough to show me
I have all the time I need
To build my new world and be me

Time, it can't go on this way
When I'm tempted by all that I see
Life, I'll face another day
Never knowing what's comin' to be
You'll never get far they say
They say who knows you better than we

All I know, all I want, all I have all I need is in me
I'll take my chance and be free

(repeat refrain 2x)



sung by: Basil Valdez

Hindi kita malilimutan
Hindi kita pababayaan
Nakaukit magpakailanman
Sa aking palad ang iyong pangalan

Malilimutan ba ng ina
Ang anak na galing sa kaniya
Sanggol sa kanyang sinapupunan
Paano n'yang matatalikdan

Ngunit kahit na malimutan
Ng ina ang anak n'yang tangan

Hindi kita malilimutan
Kailan ma'y di pababayaan

(repeat refrain 2x)



SUNG BY: Basil Valdez

Lead me, Lord
Lead me by the hand and make me face the rising sun
Comfort me through all the pain that life may bring
There's no other hope that I can lean upon
Lead me, Lord
Lead me all my life

Walk by me
Walk by me across the lonely road of everyday
Take my arms and let your hand show me the way
Show the way to live inside your love
Lead me, Lord
All my life

You are my light
You're the lamp upon my feet
All the time my Lord I need you there
You are my life
I cannot live alone
Let me stay by your guiding love
All through my life
Lead me, Lord

Lead me, Lord
Even though at times I'd rather go along my way
Help me take the right direction take your road
Lead me, Lord, and never leave my side
All my days, all my life

(repeat refrain except last line)(2x)

All through my days
Lead me, O Lord
All through my life



sung by: Kuh Ledesma

In your mind you keep asking why
You know you ask too many questions
We're only in borrowed time
And for me you don't have to know all the reasons

What matters most in this life isn't why
But simple things like when one holds your hand
When you're assured that there's someone who cares
Who makes you feel special in so many ways

Why do we keep wanting for more in life
And we keep looking but we don't know what to find
We have so much but are never content
We can't explain the emptiness we have inside

Lonely and lost are what we feel sometimes
Feeling incomplete we just can't understand
Why we want to have some things not meant for us
Why we want to love what never can be ours

What matters most in this life isn't why
Just live your life give the best that you can
Somewhere along the way we will find in time
We can feel complete without asking why



sung by: Joey Albert & Pops Fernandez

Look, it's happened once again
It happens every now and then
Feeling the hurt and hating all the men
Ready to stop it all that's when
I need a friend to face
To see me through these lonely days
Just to put some sunshine in my place
Don't take too long I need you
Here I am, I haven't gone that far away
And since I am the kind of friend
You know who'll stay with you through all the pain
Never to leave you in the rain
Ready to listen to what you've been through
Your woes and blues and share each other's...

Points of view
We've been there once before
And kept our points of view
It doesn't really matter if their never quite the same
We have our rules and different ways
We played the games of different folks with different strokes
And keep our points of view

See, the world seems bright again
It only darkens now and then
Most of the time there's just no telling when
Look up and see you've got me
Here we are, we may have gone our different ways
But since we are, the kind of friends you know who'll stay
No matter what the pain
Learning to laugh back at the rain
Ready to say we're here to stay in every way
Although we've got our different...

(Repeat Refrain except last line)

And never really change our...

(Repeat Refrain)



sung by: from Fast Forward soundtrack

Time, makes victims of us all
A window down the hall
Opens the past and fading fast what used to be
You and me, as long as we hold on
To each other we'll be strong
There's no doubt about it
We're destined to belong

Long as we believe
Love begins with dreaming
Never letting go of what we know
Long as we believe
Love can last forever
And together we can conquer all
We will never fall
As long as we believe

Space, a prisoner of the mind
Brings images to mine that can be obstacles ________?________
So we, as long as we hold on
To each other we'll be strong
There's no doubt about it
We're destined to belong

(Repeat Refrain)

All we have to do is believe ...

(Repeat Refrain)



sung by: Petula Clark

You and I will travel far together
We'll pursue our little star together
We'll be happy as we are together
We may never get to heaven
But it's heaven at least to try

You and I are going on together
Till the time we have is gone, together
Watch the evening drawing on together
Growing older, growing closer
Making memories that light the sky
That only time can make
That only love can make
That only we can make
You and I

(repeat 2nd stanza 2x)



sung by: Kuh Ledesma

Parang kailan lang
Ang mga pangarap ko'y kay hirap abutin
Dahil sa inyo, napunta ako sa aking nais marating
Nais ko kayong pasalamatan kahit man lamang isang awitin

Parang kailan lang
Halos ako ay mapalimos sa lansangan
Dahil sa inyo, ang aking tiyan at bulsa'y nagkalaman
Kaya't itong awiting aking inaawit nais ko'y kayo ang handogan

Tatanda at lilipas din ako
Ngunit mayroong awiting iiwanan sa inyong ala-ala
Dahil minsan tayo'y nagkasama

Parang kailan lang ang mga awitin ko ay ayaw pakinggan
Dahil sa inyo narinig ang isip ko at naintindihan
Dahil dito'y ibig ko kayong ituring na matalik kong kaibigan

(repeat refrain 2x)

Dahil minsan may naialay
Sa inyo