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sung by: Lea Salonga

Half the world is sleeping
Half the world's awake
Half can hear their hearts beat
Half just hear them break

I am but a traveler
In most everywhere
Ask me what you want to know

What a journey it has been
And the end is not in sight
But the stars are out tonight
And they're bound to guide my way
When the shining on my life
I can see a better day
I won't let the darkness in
What a journey it has been

I have been to sorrow
I have been to bliss
Where I'll be tomorrow
I can only guess

Through the darkest desert
Through the deepest snow
Forward, always forward, I go

(repeat refrain)

Forward, always forward
Onward, always up
Catching every drop of hope
In my empty cup

(repeat refrain)


sung by: Gladys Knight

We were on the road to happiness
In our midst was Mr. Love, Mr. Hate, and all the rest
We were ready, we were on our way

The sun was shining down on us
We felt such joy we didn't mind that we were walking in the dust
We were ready on that day

Our hearts grew colder as the night went on
We looked and Mr. Love had left us all alone
At the cross roads he was gone
But we didn't realize when we asked Mr. Hate to lead us
That he would destroy us day by day
We should've asked Mr. Love to lead the way on that day
Mr. Hate seemed happy when we lost the sun
He said I move much better when you're cold and
The darkness comes then he led us all astray

Oh we were stumbling, searching, falling in the dark
Mr. Love took the light when we parted at the cross roads
Voices crying out in the wilderness
Trying to find the path back to happiness
I heard a little voice in the back of my mind
Saying "hurry, don't worry all you gotta do is let your light shine
Leave hate behind and you'll find Mr. Love"

Now with hate and darkness gone
We're on our way back home with
Mr.Love, Mr. Love
He came back and saved us, Mr. Love.


sung by: Michael Bolton

I have often dreamed
Of a far off place
Where a hero's welcome
Would be waiting for me
Where the crowds will cheer
When they see my face
And a voice keeps saying
This is where I'm meant to be

I'll be there someday
I can go the distance
I will find my way
If I can be strong
I know every mile
Will be worth my while
When I go the distance
I'll be right where I belong

Down an unknown road
To embrace my fate
Though that road may wander
It will lead me to you
And a thousand years
Would be worth the wait
It might take a lifetime
But somehow I'll see it through

And I won't look back
I can go the distance
And I'll stay on track
No I won't accept defeat
It's an uphill slope
But I won't lose hope
Till I go the distance
And my journey is complete

But to look beyond the glory
is the hardest part
For a hero's strength is
measured by his heart

Like a shooting star
I will go the distance
I will search the world
I will face its harms
I don't care how far
I can go the distance
Till I find my hero's welcome
Waiting in you arms

I will search the world
I will face it's harm
Till I find my hero's welcome
waiting in your arms